How the house keeper plant is used as Best Natural Remedies (Recipes)

As is generally known and accepted fact that house keeper plant (houseleek) is very medicinal plant not further explain its composition but we will introduce you to the practical use for the purpose of healing and health. Below are the most used and tested recipes and remedies or methods of use houseleek in the nation:

The cure for ear

Houseleek in people is always used as a cure for most of the problems with the ears of pain, damage, excessive resin and blockage of hearing loss. Its juice before modern ENT doctors and drugs used for dissolving the resin in the ear as well as the problems and pain in the ears.

To use the houseleek as a remedy for ailments of the ear, it is necessary that from freshly harvested plants fleshy leaves squeeze a couple of milliliters of juice, dropped it in the ear, and lie down and wait a few minutes. After a few minutes of action juice stand and excess juice that is leaking from the ear wipe. The procedure, depending on the problems repeat 2-3 times a day, and while the problems with ear disappear.

The cure for skin

Watchtower is one of the best plants for a wide range of skin conditions and problems. It has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and the people once used as an excellent first aid for burns, stings and bites, it provides quick relief and tranquilizer. At that time there were no modern creams and chemical drugs, and čuvarkuća verified played that role.


The principle of treatment is simple. Take 2-3 fleshy leaf, wring a little juice and it coat the affected area. Then wait a little and interrupt the one or more sheets so you can see the interior of the plant, and put them on the affected or make a coating of them and wrap the area that leaves can not fall off.

In this way the people are treated: corns, freckles, sores, shingles, burns, insect bites, sores, scabs and the like. The procedure should be repeated for some time until symptoms or disease does not alleviate or cure.

Juice houseleek or raw houseleek

Juice or plant itself contains antibacterial compounds that effectively combat microorganisms.

The juice helps with a variety of inflammatory conditions, infections, nerve disorders, anxiety and epilepsy, fibroids, cysts, intestinal parasites, stomach problems, oral cavity, boosts the immune system.
If you have problems with the oral cavity or throat will not go wrong if you juice shaken in the mouth on the affected areas for some time. The juice you can drink to extract a few fresh leaves and get 2-3 spoons are taking every day on an empty stomach or, if it is easier to pick fresh leaves, chew and swallow them. Alternatively sheets houseleek can check myself out or grind, add a little water and honey and drink.

Tea houseleek

Tea houseleek is also effective and is intended more for internal problems related to digestion, and problems with menstruation. Besides tea and carries all the benefits of houseleek and if you are doing so you can use it more comfortable and more suitable so you’ll not go wrong .It is needed a few leaves of fresh houseleek cook in 2 oz of water about ten minutes. When the tea has cooled, Strain it and drink this amount in more sips throughout the day.


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