IMMORTAL plant that grows around us, and its liter costs about € 1,800

Surely you’ve heard of a number of products that help in stopping the aging, rejuvenation of the face and hydrate dry and tired skin. Have you heard of a plant called “immortelle”?

Do not be surprised if you are not, because of the world’s leading cosmetics company exactly what they want. In fact, when you find out that all the “problems” can be solved with the rare form, never again to buy expensive creams and lotions.

What is it?

Immortelle is a Mediterranean plant that grows on rocky and sunny slopes, in rock crevices, abandoned vineyards and along the edges of roads. For its healing properties are known and ancient Greeks who used it for healing wounds. However, Immortelle has long been forgotten and well-hidden secret.

Except for rejuvenation, Immortelle has a number of other medicinal properties. It is an excellent remedy for bronchitis and cough, acts as a sedative, lowers blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, prevent the formation of clots, relieves pain and strengthens the entire body.

There are many species of Helichrysum and the most famous is Helichrysum italicum. Its importance was recognized and best use French, who called it “Immortelle”, which means immortal. This nickname immortelle proudly and rightfully bears. The reason? The ability to erase wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and bruises..


Tons immortelle per liter oil

Why is it so rare form valuable and desirable? The answer lies in the valuable elixir that it contains very small amounts. The rare form has very little essential oil (less than 0.05 percent), but it takes more than a ton of plants in order to obtain a kilogram of essential oil. Nick immortalized this unusual plant was given from the fact that never fades, even after being picked. Otherwise, its trunk is straight and covered with silky, dense hairs. It can grow to a height of up to 60 cm, and some species and up to 90 cm. Flower from May to July.

Also, it must be distilled candle, not dried herb. Now you certainly becomes much clearer why the price of immortelle most high? That’s right – for a kilo of essential oil will have to pay between 1,500 and 1,800 €.
With effects are satisfied many women around the world and growing this plant for many is becoming more attractive and profitable business.

Immortelle with us

Although this herb tied exclusively to the Mediterranean area, it recently can be found and in neighboring Bosnia and Serbia. In fact, climate change has caused the change in the conditions under which rare form can be grown, but so do not be surprised if you find a miraculous plant just among the beautiful Bosnian meadows and fields.

Although the initial investment is not small, those producers who are engaged in the cultivation of immortelle say that the investment and returns. The largest number of customers and valuable medicinal essential oil comes from the US and European markets, while the domestic demand is still small. However, in the future we expect an increasing number of breeders everlasting, and therefore the number of those who want to buy it.


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